Suggests speed bumps as solution to Culver traffic problems

To the Editor:

Concerning the heavy traffic on Culver Boulevard in Playa del Rey, which has been a major problem for some time now: why not use speed bumps? It’s probably the easiest, cheapest way to go.

I think this street is one of the very few that has so much traffic going through a small town, and it’s being used mainly to get to the freeway.

Maybe there could be another solution, like opening Sandpiper Street again, or somehow connecting to Westchester Parkway. Something’s got to give.

Jeanne Moody, Playa del Rey

Suggests dedicating Playa Vista Phase II portion as Native American cultural area

To the Editor:

Re: “Legal challenges to EIR, zoning rights for the Village rejected by the court” (Argonaut, Jan. 27):

Just because a judge ruled that the Playa Vista Phase II environmental impact report was okay legally, doesn’t mean that another large development very near to the Ballona Wetlands State Ecological Reserve is a good thing.

Phase II’s 2,600 condos and large retail business development proposed by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are anticipated to create another 24,000 car trips in the area. Already wildlife at the reserve is having a hard time crossing roads and many are getting killed.

Ninety-five percent of our coastal wetlands in California have already been destroyed by development, and we need to protect and buffer these last important areas.

There are currently two large shopping centers in the area, at Marina del Rey and the Howard Hughes Center in Westchester.

Therefore, we propose creating a small retail area for local Playa Vista residents and leaving the rest of the land as open space for a Native American cultural area, and a native plant garden and habitat.

Kathy Knight , Conservation Chair, Sierra Club Airport Marina Group Los Angeles