Remembers another of Marina’s former restaurants

To the Editor:

Re: The Argonaut’s 40th anniversary special section:

Forgotten by “Gone but not forgotten” is Edie’s Diner, which should have been kept as a historic monument of Marina del Rey.

Tears were shed by people arriving at Edie’s for pre-arranged meetings with friends, some from other countries, only to find it was no more.

A sad precursor to what is now happening to our Marina, which should have had proper management and maintenance throughout its life, but instead is now going to just be an unrecognizable extension of the city.

Edie’s Diner no more. Marina del Rey no more. More tears.

Roslyn E. Walker, Marina del Rey

Impressed with Argonaut 40th anniversary celebration

To the Editor:

Your memorable celebration of 40 years of The Argonaut at the Marina del Rey Hotel was most pleasant, memorable and gracious.

Everyone there was made to feel a part of the history you are making and reporting. As a Hollywood publicist for more than 60 years – so far – I’ve attended many congratulatory occasions, and yours was as appropriate as any.

Your luncheon and souvenir Argonaut pens added to the event. The historical photographs were outstanding.

Elected officials and their representatives who spoke and honored you really recognized what The Argonaut has meant to creating our community.

I’ve started reading the book “Snoopin’ Around” and it reminds me of the extra attractiveness of living in your domain. Thank you.

Julian Myers, Marina del Rey