Speaks with congressional candidate about father’s legacy

To the Editor:

Re: Remembering the past while looking toward the future:

Before the start of the Mar Vista Community Council Education Council meeting on Sunday, Feb. 13 at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes alone with 36th District U.S. House of Representatives candidate Janice Hahn, current Los Angeles city councilwoman.

As one who remembers with great awe her father Kenneth Hahn’s leadership in civil rights and his great respect among African Americans from South Los Angeles as their county supervisor, I asked Councilwoman Hahn what it was like being Kenny Hahn’s daughter growing up.

The candidate and this advocate appeared to feel chills up and down our arms when she described her dad as “the only elected California public official to meet Dr. Martin Luther King at Los Angeles International Airport in the early 1960s who was always home each night for dinner.”“Those were the days.”

Let us not forget our past while we look toward the future.


Rick Selan, member MVCC Education Council, Venice

Says Marina developers only have selves, county to blame for delays

To the Editor:

Marina del Rey developers constantly complain that citizens’ protests have held up their plans to modernize the Marina, but in fact they only have themselves and county officials to blame.

They wanted to expand their leaseholds by attaching public parking lots to the parcels they already lease and this requires California Coastal Commission approval.

The county, in its wisdom, decided that it would seek this approval last instead of first, and this has resulted in permitting delays stretching out almost a decade.

If Neptune/Legacy and Holiday Harbor lessees had stuck with the original parcels of their leases, their apartment blocks would have been rebuilt 10 years ago at much more favorable prices.

In the meantime, the Neptune apartments on Tahiti Way have gotten badly rundown and tenants are complaining about leaky roofs and other lack of maintenance issues.

The Holiday Harbor lessees have held up rebuilding on their Panay Way lots in the hope of getting Coastal Commission approval to put a senior citizens apartment block on a parking lot between Admiralty Way and Washington Boulevard.

But the Coastal Commission has once, in 1996, refused to allow building on this lot so their project is by no means a done deal. Their wait may be for nothing, and very expensive in terms of building costs as well.

All this has happened because the county reportedly refused at the outset to allow a master plan for the Marina, but allegedly stuck with piece-mealing of projects instead, and as they have been reminded by members of the Coastal Commission, “piece-mealing is bad planning.”

Carla Andrus, Marina del Rey