Takes issue with critical comment about groups’ actions with wetlands property

To the Editor:

Re: “Rosendahl asks council to oppose allowing AEG to dodge environmental review” (Argonaut, July 14):

It’s hard for me to believe Steve Soboroff really said Playa Vista “gave” environmental organizations 400 acres west of Lincoln Boulevard and then went on to claim these fictional environmentalist-owners had done nothing at the wetlands while he lauded what Playa Vista has accomplished at the same time.

Unless there was some secret agreement none of us knows about, all of the wetlands belong to the state and environmental groups, who don’t own an inch of the Ballona Wetlands, have no power to do anything other than to submit our ideas and comments for restoration and press for our point of view, which our organization, Friends of Ballona Wetlands is certainly doing.

Meanwhile, within the limits of our permit, the Friends continue the dune restoration and also conduct tours at the salt marsh as well as the freshwater marsh, which is, by the way, another of Friends’ accomplishments resulting from our settlement agreement.

Maybe old Steve was just joshing – for the sport of it.

Ruth Lansford, Founder, Friends of Ballona Wetlands

Upset with changed bus schedule on Line 108 to Marina

To the Editor:

On June 30, the Metro Transit System of Los Angeles changed the schedule of Line No. 108. However, no notice had been given to the passengers and no printed schedules were available.

The bus for Line 108 serves riders from East L.A. to Marina del Rey, and most of these passengers ride to and from work daily.

Since no one was aware of the changed schedule, there was great inconvenience and confusion was rampant. I happened to ask the bus driver on Line 108 that day if he had the printed schedule, but he informed me that he had none and to call the Metro telephone number.

A recorded message telling me to call 511 resulted with another recorded message telling me to look up the Metro website. Needless to say, I gave up after a fruitless hour.

Is this how the citizens of Los Angeles will be convinced to switch to public transportation to avoid paying exorbitant gas prices?

Trudy Goldman, Marina del Rey

Curious as to when new Santa Monica beach bathrooms are supposed to be completed

I wonder if the totally not-needed bathrooms at the Santa Monica beaches were supposed to be ready for the July 4 holiday. The bathrooms were not ready for Memorial Day and they again were not ready for the Fourth, and visitors to the beach had to content themselves with so-called “honey pots.”

I am a longtime area resident who pays taxes and I wonder why these new bathrooms were authorized, and when they were to be completed – by Labor Day?

Dr. Philippe Perebinossoff, Venice