Says a ban on construction would do more for Venice than banning ‘chain stores’

To the Editor:

I read with interest your article about “Venice Unchained activists” who want to restrict “formula retail stores” from coming to Abbot Kinney Boulevard [The Argonaut, July 26th].

There’s something that’s very unsettling to me about their initiative. As a resident of Venice for the last 53 years I remember the excitement when McDonald’s opened its store on Lincoln Boulevard in the early ’60s. Also, the Foster Freeze on the corner of Lincoln and Venice was a regular stop for a hot fudge sundae or an order of taquitos.

To me, this movement is very exclusive and pretentious. I would love to see more mom-and-pop type of businesses on Abbot Kinney, but they couldn’t afford the rent.

In the last ten years a new type of resident has been moving to Venice — those with high-end salaries who can afford the exorbitant price of real estate.

It would be my preference for this group to focus their attention on a ban on construction.

The beach-style cottages are rapidly disappearing.

Six days a week the construction continues, and don’t dare move your car or your parking place is gone.

My address has experienced a remodel on all four sides, all but one going to two stories. The Venice of old is rapidly disappearing.

I miss the good ol’ days.

Tom Walker


Grateful for Argonaut article about Jet to Jetty 5k/10k run

To the Editor:

On behalf of Airport Marina Counseling Service (AMCS) and the Jet to Jetty Committee, chaired by Polly Garstka and Irene Yoshinaga, many thanks go to The Argonaut for the fabulous August 16th cover showcasing Jet to Jetty, the 23-year-old 5k/10k race that benefits AMCS, a Westchester nonprofit mental health clinic, now in its 45th year of providing quality mental health services to communities in its area.

You gave us a wonderful cover and accompanying article, which hopefully will boost interest in the Jet to Jetty and AMCS.

Thanks to Argonaut news coordinator Vince Echavaria, What’s On editor Rahne Pistor and production assistant Jorge Vargas, who did a great layout for the cover.

What a meaningful public interest article it was. The Argonaut is truly a jewel in the crown of our community.

Kathleen O’Leary Lefferman,

executive director;

and Polly Garstka,

Jet to Jetty committee chair;

Airport Marina Counseling Service