Critical of those who let dogs run off-leash on bluffs above Playa Vista

To the Editor:

So Westchester and Venice residents are upset that they can no longer violate city leash and trespass laws by accessing the private mid-bluff service road from the neighborhood above Playa Vista.

They have lost this privilege (not right) because they did not self-police their own inconsiderate neighbors, who let dogs run roughshod over private property which supports federally-protected critical habitat for endangered bird species (which is a third violation, and federal offense in the presence of nesting birds).

In only one year of living here, I have countless times observed their free dogs splashing through the bluff base creek, chasing foraging waterfowl as if they were play toys.

This month I willingly paid a $10,000 annual special property tax assessment to pay for, among other public benefits, a mile-long trail and riparian corridor at the bluff base, with an off-leash dog park at its terminus, all open to the public but funded solely by Playa Vista homeowners. An additional mile extension of this trail to Centinela Avenue was nearly finished when anti-Playa Vista activists and their lawyers temporarily halted the process, which will resume at cost to all Los Angeles taxpayers.

The so-called bluffside weeds that Westchester folks summarily discount are in fact valuable coastal sage scrub species being nursed by an elaborate and expensive irrigation system and weeded of invasive plants by gardeners, also funded by my Playa Vista neighbors and me.

This habitat will replace invasive weedy vegetation removed when we Playa Vista residents also funded an upgrade of their neighborhood stormwater runoff conduits. Need I continue?

These gripes are not about open space or freedom, but all about self-serving convenience. Anyone, even Santa Monica residents, can use the open spaces bought and paid for by Playa Vista residents a few blocks away at the bluff base, or west of Lincoln Boulevard at the freshwater marsh.

These same folks probably whine when red light cameras are installed at intersections, and will grieve next summer when they can no longer steer their cars with one hand while holding a cell phone in the other. They are representative of an entitlement culture that has smothered the Westside with people whose concept of citizenship is to take and get away with whatever you can until stopped by force of law.

Well, if that’s the way you want to play, we’ll just have to keep you inside a fenced playground under adult supervision.

David Kay, Playa Vista

Suggestion for gridlock at Admiralty and Mindanao

To the Editor:

I would like to make a suggestion regarding the gridlock of southbound traffic on Admiralty Way and Mindanao Way.

Making a left turn to go to the freeway can sometimes take five to six minutes. There are, at present, four to five light sequences and one of them I feel is unnecessary and would save the drivers a lot of time if eliminated.

That one is for eastbound traffic on Mindanao. There is very little traffic headed east and the one sequence for east and west traffic on Mindanao would be sufficient.

I hope someone from the traffic department will read this letter and do the right thing.

Leonard W. Rose, Marina del Rey