Calls Santa Monica’s exclusive off-leash dog area ‘final straw’

To the Editor:

I was glad to see some complaints on the ever-growing problem of the nasty neighbor (the City of Santa Monica).

They have pushed us Mar Vista residents too far! The exclusive off-leash dog area in Airport Park is the final straw.

Here are the problems caused by our ‘friendly green neighbor.’

1. The airport has too many big loud jets that come in and out (noise, pollution and safety issues).

2. The new Santa Monica College Campus at the airport causes a huge increase in traffic.

3. The new [off-leash] dog park is restricted to only Santa Monica dogs.

This has got to stop!

Kali Davis

Mar Vista

Claims he was ‘ignored’ by Rosendahl at demonstration

To the Editor:

I took part in the Santa Monica Airport demonstration on April 21st. Councilman Rosendahl’s behavior towards me seemed very rude as he said ‘thank you,’ but refused to accept my information packet on air quality and health issues that I was going to give him as he walked away.

In a public forum, Councilman Rosendahl will be courteous to individuals as he wants to make a good impression on other people, but in this situation, he failed to treat me with the same dignity and respect that I gave him.

I am a constituent in Rosendahl’s district. But since I’ve been ignored by the councilman, who do I turn to when there is a problem in the neighborhood that needs to be addressed by my local representative?

Robert Ulrick

Los Angeles

Marina del Rey parking options and fees explained by parking management

To the Editor:

In The Argonaut, May 3rd, issue, a letter writer expressed his opinion that Marina del Rey needs more free and/or reduced-rate metered parking. Lot #7, which is adjacent to Admiralty Park and across Admiralty Way from the Ritz Carlton Hotel, was specifically mentioned.

My company, under contract with the Department of Beaches and Harbors, has been providing parking management services for the 30-plus beach and Marina del Rey public parking facilities for the past seven years. Also, I am a 60-year resident of the Venice-Marina del Rey area and, as such, I have witnessed and experienced the conception, inception and development of Marina del Rey from the ground up.

The letter writer makes the point that Admiralty Park is the neighborhood park of nine nearby residential, apartment and condominium developments. Of the nine sites mentioned, only one (Marina City Club) is actually in Marina del Rey.

In regards to parking rates ($3 winter, $5 summer), these rates are actually below market. Public parking rates for like-kind facilities are significantly higher in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

It is true that Lot #7 is frequently used by construction crews, film crews and yes, the Ritz Carlton. It is also true that on some of these occasions, ‘special parking arrangements’ are made. The purpose of the ‘special parking arrangements’ is to ensure that our staff will be on-site to monitor lot utilization and to assist the public. Also, when these arrangements are made, the entity must pay the full posted rate. ‘Special arrangements’ do not include discounted parking rates.

The letter writer contends that the only free parking in Marina del Rey is validated restaurant parking. This is inaccurate. The parking at Dock 52 on Fiji Way is free to the public and is a popular lot for people to transport their bikes and in-line skates to enjoy Marina del Rey.

Also, inexpensively metered parking is available (free on weekdays) at Burton Chace Park and seven-day-per-week metered parking is available at the end of Villa Marina along the main channel.

Just as there is ‘no free lunch,’ in actuality, there is no free parking. Parking lots must be constructed, maintained, insured and monitored. The nominal parking fees charged at the various lots contribute greatly to covering these costs.

Robert Hindle

Marina Peninsula

Vice President of

Parking Concepts, Inc.

Says planned ‘time-share’ not consistent with County’s stated policy on land use in Marina

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the proposed developments as reported in the May 3rd edition of The Argonaut, and specifically the proposed Woodfin Suite Hotel and Timeshare Resort.

Time and again, over and over, The Argonaut has reported policy statements by many officials of the County. Their pronouncements are that the use of the Marina is basically for allÝthe citizenry of Los Angeles (even at the expense of boaters’ rights).

So, why is a time-share concept even being considered? The population of Los Angeles is generally close enough to the Marina that it does not need a time-share plan. By catering to other interests, the timeshare plan is robbing the Los Angeles citizens of areas and activities promised to them.

Stan Harris

Marina del Rey