Understanding SMC two-tier plan

To the Editor:

The administration at Santa Monica College should look at the poor level of education when it comes to Economics 101 at the school. The students should understand that the plan was to provide more expensive classes to the ones that can afford it and use the money to provide more classes to the ones that cannot afford it.

Sad to say that now the students who can afford it and the ones who can’t left with less available classes and probably less qualified teachers. Supply and demand is one of the things you learn in Economics 101 and it is disappointing to see that the school failed to teach it to their students.

The whole demonstration could have been avoided with a better understanding of what the SMC administration was trying to achieve.

Gila Standring, Venice

Bravo! Bell Ringers

To the Editor:

Thank you for publicizing Mark Twain Middle School’s wonderful music program and the tireless leadership of Principal Dr. Rex O. Patton.

As a location professional, I am thrilled to have helped contribute to the Bell Ringers fund via donations made to the school by film production companies who use school facilities.

This is another great way the film/TV industry gives back to our communities and schools by supporting worthy programs like this. I can’t wait to see the kids on TV!

Chris Fuentes, Location Managers Guild of America Board Secretary, Santa Monica