Playa Vista resident enjoyed the music and crowds of picknickers at Concert Park

To the Editor:

The Playa Vista community once again opened its magnificent Concert Park to the public (at no charge) with a concert featuring Stone Soul, a musical group that had the audience moving and dancing, thoroughly enjoying the loud rhythmic beat, which also enticed many of the tots and young ones to bounce around in their natural and wild freedom.

These regular events continue to attract a large number of family picnickers who even seem to eat their snacks in the same tempo as the music. The attendance, larger than ever, left little room to walk around the grounds without stepping on someone’s hamburger or potato salads.

Rob Sennett, Playa Vista

MdR Design Principles do not address traffic problems; comprehensive EIR is needed

To the Editor:

Regarding “County sets up task force to suggest new design guidelines” (Marina Design Principles) in The Argonaut September 20th:

It is encouraging to learn that the county has recognized the need to address certain design guidelines for the ongoing redevelopment of Marina del Rey.

Such features as public access, pedestrian wayfinding, waterfront access, landscaping, streetscape, parking, sustainability and leasehold design guidelines are all necessary elements of a good master plan.

Since no such plan exists, it is assumed that these principles are being applied to the scale model on the wall at the Burton Chace Community Center which shows in detail all the intended projects in the context of the entire Marina del Rey environment.

What is painfully missing, and is not mentioned in the Marina Design Principles is an analysis of the cumulative effects of the addition of cars from new projects and the current traffic entering and leaving the Marina area. Other than converting Admiralty Way to a freeway and the possible dumping of Route 90 onto Admiralty Way, we have no way of knowing how the build-out of the Marina will function from a traffic point of view.

What is obvious from the scale model mentioned above is that gridlock will be guaranteed, with increasing accidents and safety issues, when it comes to evacuating the Marina during possible disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding.

A comprehensive environmental impact report (EIR) would address all of the above issues and would give the community the assurances it needs that the wonderful environment that currently exists and is planned for the future of the Marina will not be negatively impacted forever.

It is time for the county to produce a comprehensive EIR by an independent and professional firm as part of the efforts of the task force to develop the design guidelines, which as described would be piecemeal and by not including traffic issues would be incomplete.

Lawrence A. Samuelson, AIA, Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey needs better-run, contemporary restaurants, night spots

To the Editor:

This may seem heartless, but the closing of Harbor House and Edie’s Diner may be long overdue. I hate to say it, but there are some other restaurants in Marina del Rey that should take the hint and either fix themselves up, as CafÈ del Rey and the California Pizza Kitchen have done, or pack it up.

I drive by some places and see no cars in their lots, while you still need a crowbar to get into the Cheesecake Factory.

Los Angeles County wants to find ways to generate more income from Marina del Rey. I suggest that an aggressive effort (perhaps with rent incentives at the beginning) to recruit better-run, contemporary restaurants and night spots to take over some of those existing locations would be a less painful way (from a traffic and construction perspective) to do it, rather than building a lot of new structures.

I heard a rumor that Houston’s and PF Chang’s are planned for the Harbor House site. Does anyone think they’ll need a rent subsidy?

A few more places like that and residents can walk to dinner, or at least drive without leaving the Marina. Then, when visitors ask me to take them somewhere to eat on the water, I’ll have more than the three or four choices I have now.

There are some great places along Washington and Abbot Kinney Boulevards. It’s time for the Marina to move into the 21st century as well.

Andy Pearlman, Marina del Rey