Firefighters thank Ritz-Carlton for their Thanksgiving dinner

To the Editor:

All of the firefighters at County of Los Angeles Fire Station 110 in Marina del Rey wanted to take a minute to thank Ritz-Carlton of Marina del Rey for the outstanding Thanksgiving dinner.

Over the last several years, Ritz-Carlton has delivered Thanksgiving dinner to FS-110. There are many holidays where we as firefighters have to work and cannot be home with our families. For Thanksgiving we invite our families to visit us at the fire station.

During my 27 years in the fire service, I have had several dinners where we have had many emergency calls and have missed most, if not all, of the dinner. I may have only seen my family for a few minutes during their visit. To have Ritz-Carlton bring us dinner is so deeply appreciated. Thank you, Ritz!

From Michael Chuck and all the firefighters at Fire Station 110, Marina del Rey