Police thank public for toy drive, will address litter problem next year

To the Editor:

We at Pacific Community Police Station were sorry to read the recent Letter to the Editor regarding the trash left behind following our community/Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Holiday Winter Wonderland and Toy Giveaway event on December 13th.

We understand the letter writer’s frustration, but the bigger issue and more importantly, the holiday event at Pacific Community Police Station, brought the community together to share in a happy and giving holiday season. Next year, we will develop a more comprehensive plan to reduce the litter and make this event more successful.

Pacific Area was very pleased with the donations and all the volunteer help. The event could not have been successful without the generous donations of gifts, money and food, as well as the participation of those who worked so hard on this event.

We would like to thank everyone in the community for supporting Pacific Area throughout the year. We ask that the residents and business community continue to volunteer and support Pacific Community Police Station, as we are a part of this neighborhood and community. Community policing requires a cooperative and committed effort between the police and the community to be effective in reducing the incidence and fear of crime and to enhance public safety.

William J. Bratton, LAPD Chief of Police

Capt. Joseph M. Hiltner, Area Commanding Officer, Pacific Community Police Station

‘The momentous event’ of Jan. 20th

To the Editor:

Happy new America!

The momentous event of January 20th proclaiming the inauguration of the first African American president of our United States can undoubtedly be considered local news as well as national news and in fact worldwide news.

Normally this space would contain some interesting local news, but I implore The Argonaut publisher to make a special exception and remind its readers of the importance of the election of Barack Obama to the highest office of our blessed country.

Rob Sennett, Playa Vista