Doesn’t understand why gas company has closed the dog park

To the Editor:

On Memorial Day my wife and I were returning to our home in Westchester with our four-year-old yellow lab, Jasmin.

As we approached the dog park on the Southern California Gas Company property, Jasmin got more and more excited.

But today something was different. We noticed lots of parking available on the street right in front and no one in the park.

We got our dog out of the car, got her stick and ball and proceeded to the gate, which we found was padlocked.

I was disappointed but our dog was devastated. We had trouble getting her back in the car. We ended up going to Playa Vista to the dog park there.

It is a shame that this property that is used for nothing is padlocked. What an unfriendly city this is becoming.

Michael Hyler, Los Angeles

Remembers an air show in the early days of Los Angeles Airport

To the Editor:

In 1928 my father took us to an air show at Los Angeles Airport. He drove south on Sepulveda Boulevard to about where 92nd Street is now. There was a row of eucalyptus trees on the north side of the airfield.

We sat on the dry leaves under the trees. About 100 feet from us was a white handkerchief lying on the field. A biplane flying from the east dipped down and picked up the handkerchief with an L-shaped hook on the lower wing tip. Other parts of the air show I do not remember.

I do remember seeing the airship Graf Zeppelin at the airport at night about the same year. It was the largest object I had ever seen, especially at night.

Norman H. Burmeister, Westchester

Editors note:

The photo above was pulled from The Argonaut’s photo archives because it illustrates how the airport would have looked around the time described in this letter. Shown in the picture is the south side of the airport. The air show described by the letter writer took place on the north side.

Wishes public would respect bluff walkway

To the Editor:

The West bluff walkway is a beautiful addition to our neighborhood, offering panoramic views and a traffic-free environment.

Signs clearly state “no bikes,” yet cyclists seem to feel they’re immune and use the path.

The pathway is marred by dog feces, both on the walkway and on the sides.

The western-most bench has already been marred by graffiti.

I don’t know if security is the answer, but something should be done to keep this pathway beautiful.

Al Wiseman, Playa del Rey