Says ‘overnight parking districts’ will not solve parking problems

To the Editor:

I am a 45-year resident of Venice and have watched the beach activity go from total emptiness to the current gridlock of cars carrying people who wish to use the public beach, especially on weekend and holiday hot weather days.

It is not the vehicles of the homeless that cause the parking problem. It is lack of accommodation for the cars that bring people to the beach, and, let’s not forget, the cars that use valet parking on our residential streets because they have no parking accommodations.

Let’s address the real issue of providing parking and park-and-ride facilities to assure beach access for everyone.

Let’s address the real issue of having affordable housing for low-income people, especially those who work in the area.

Let’s address the real issue of homeless people who cannot afford rent and food, so they must sleep in their cars.

Let’s address the issue of closed public bathrooms at night that are not patrolled or maintained. We can address the issue of sewage and any other problems on an individual basis.

Any parking restrictions will deny beach access for the public and would be a disaster for the residents.

Please go to the meeting on Thursday, June 11th at 8 a.m. at the Marina del Rey Hotel, 13534 Bali Way, and oppose this ridiculous and erroneous idea that this “Overnight Parking District” will improve our parking.

Think it through folks!

Emily Winters, Venice

RVs still parking unchallenged in Marina public lots

To the Editor:

It has been over a month now since I sent my Letter to the Editor concerning RV parking in LA County Marina parking lot # 5 and the lack of law enforcement by the LA County Sheriff’s Department. It is truly amazing, and very hard to believe, that no one in the Marina office of the Sheriff’s Department ever reads The Argonaut. But based on the lack of response, it must be true.

The very large RVs continue to camp out in parking lot # 5, completely unchallenged. I drove over to the lot and took a picture of the very large blue county-posted parking lot entry sign and here is some of the verbiage from the sign:

“Autos Only (no trailers).”

“No overnight camping or sleeping.”

“Recreational vehicles—prohibited.”

How much more clearly can the county law be stated? Yet, the RVers continue to park and camp out day after day and the Sheriff takes no action to enforce the laws. Truly amazing, wouldn’t you say?

Al Hains, Marina del Rey

Says RVs parking overnight on Manchester Ave. are an eyesore

To the Editor:

Why does Westchester allow these campers and motor homes to park all day and night, every day on Manchester Avenue between Sepulveda and Emerson?

What an eyesore! Doesn’t anybody care? Isn’t there a parking restriction that can be enforced?

Robert Collins, Westchester

Feels that now is the perfect time for master plan for Marina

To the Editor:

The Del Rey Land Use meeting last week was very informative. I did ask for a master plan and the footprint of the proposed development properties (19 and counting) along with the elevations of each so that all could be informed of the potential redevelopment projects that are now proposed.

We have a publicly owned asset that was created as a small craft harbor and recreational area in the ’60s through a taxpayer bond (paid off in 1993). Within ten years most of the leases will expire and revert back to full public property.

Now is the perfect time to reassess the potential development in Marina del Rey. With the economy as it is and funding questionable, this is the ideal time to plan our future. We absolutely need a master plan that shows the full development that Beaches and Harbors wants to implement. Until this time there has been piecemeal development in Marina del Rey, and I, for one, would like to see some planning for the future of our community.

We need to restore accountability to the county’s process of approving and sending projects to the Board of Supervisors downtown. The Design Control Board was essential until the county and the Board of Supervisors stripped them of their authority recently and we lost Susan Cloke in the process. The Department of Beaches and Harbors, along with Regional Planning, will now decide on the development projects to be sent to the Board of Supervisors for their approval and then to the California Coastal Commission.

Beaches and Harbors director Santos Kreimann has been treating the Marina as if the county owns it rather than manages it. He has placed the fate of the Marina into the hands of the developers rather than considering the rights of the public to participate in the process.

We are not against redevelopment, and remodeling in many cases might be the answer although more development on the line of Esprit 1 should not be permitted.

D.G. Franklin, Marina del Rey

Says kids’ time better spent picking up trash in their own neighborhoods

To the Editor:

“Kids Ocean Day” at Dockweiler State Beach June 4th when there is a budget crisis — what are they thinking?

A long trip to the coast in polluting school buses, obstructing the bike path, using big plastic bags and plastic gloves to pick up only a miniscule amount of trash because the beach is regularly swept by the county, followed by aerial artwork filmed from a helicopter isn’t going to reduce the dropout rate nor save the ocean.

They should have spent the day in the classroom learning the “three Rs” and then after school taken a look at Ballona Creek to “raise their awareness of the harmful effects of litter.” As usual, after it rains, the creek was awash with styrofoam cups.

Kids, the environment would be much better off if you picked up the trash in your own neighborhood every day before it goes down the storm drains to the ocean.

Peter Crank, Marina del Rey