Says redistricting should be free of political agendas

To the Editor:

Re: “Redistricting inspires Zimmer to seek reelection to school board” (Argonaut, March 8).

The city’s redistricting of council and board of education units should be non-partisan and free of political interference from those who are candidates for public office.

Legislative redistricting is a mandatory process that ensures the city’s council and school board districts are balanced in terms of population, geography and representation. Just as important to that process should be that these election units are politically competitive, and that voters have real and viable choices when casting ballots.

Too many times during this current process we have watched embedded incumbents try to influence the process to ensure reelection, not the balance voters deserve.

Redistricting should not be dominated by the political agenda of incumbents seeking to ensure an easy race for reelection.

Good government is served best by highly competitive council and school board races that promote candidate participation which translates to higher turnouts and more accountability in city government.

I urge city residents as well as the media not to blindly affirm the “recommendations” of elected officials who put politics first and responsible public policy second.

Nick Antonicello, Venice Beach