Regarding the restoration plans for Ballona Wetlands, let’s just ‘let the experts be experts’

To the Editor:

When I decided to buy a home in L.A., I spent considerable time researching various areas of this diverse city looking for the optimal place to raise my budding family. Hands down, the single most important aspect of the area I finally settled on was the Ballona Wetlands.

From investment security reasons, fearing our unstoppable urban sprawl in this city, to the walkability for my family, this protected land was a guarantee that my family could live and grow in the most “uncity” like area of all of L.A.

I watched intently as Dreamworks proposed to build a studio in Playa del Rey, and I was quite relieved when that plan was denied. It wasn’t until the townhouse development began clearing out their land that I was finally provoked to better educate myself as to who was really controlling the land in this area, and what was to come of it.

Having attended a few public meetings and even a workshop held by the Department of Fish and Game, I’ve been extremely satisfied to find the men and women overseeing Ballona both accessible and informative, and most importantly of the same mindset. I could not agree more with their plans to improve the area, while preserving all indigenous life.

I am thrown by those objecting to these current restoration plans and wonder why they would choose to leave much of the abuse this land suffered for so long rather than restore a vibrant wetland. As with any preserve, proper management of its future hinges on not just stopping abuse, but correcting past indiscretions.

The team overseeing this restoration is the right balance of experts who don’t live in analytical bubbles; in essence, they are the perfect pragmatic idealists. The kind of ilk that would take on preserving indigenous life in the midst of a concrete-heavy city, while understanding past abuse in designing future use. And finally, education must go hand-in-hand with enforcement in order to guarantee a future for all inhabitants and guests like my family and I.

Please let the experts be the experts and stop mistrusting authority that has dedicated its aptitude to our common cause.

Donn J. Viola, Westchester