Says L.A. County plans for the Marina make no reference to recreational use

To the Editor:

The Argonaut quotes Gary Jones, the new deputy director of Los Angeles County’s Beaches and Harbors Department (Nov. 26th issue) as saying Marina del Rey developers are concerned about delays in getting projects completed.

It may be of interest to Mr. Jones and those developers to know that the Marina was established in 1954, not for real estate development, but for the express purpose of providing free and low cost recreation.

Yet the county Board of Supervisors has turned the Marina into a cynical giveaway of public lands to developers of hotels, apartments and shopping malls to plug up some hole in their budget which is largely of their own making.

Don’t look in county plans for any reference to recreation, which actually suffers a net reduction under the county’s so called Asset Management Plan.

The county giveaway includes most of the dedicated parking lots which provide convenient access to the Marina for boaters, rowers, kayakers, picnickers, joggers, walkers and bikers.

As far as the parking lots are concerned, I believe most of these recreational users would be happy if these unfortunate projects were never completed.

Bruce Russell, Marina del Rey

Warns public about a possible parking lot scam in Marina

To the Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to write to The Argonaut in order to warn fellow residents of a scam that is taking place in the area. I believe this scam is ongoing because the same exact scammers accosted my wife in the same exact location about a year ago.

What happened to me this evening (December 8th) at about 6:15 p.m. while exiting onto Lincoln Boulevard from the Ralphs located at 4311 Lincoln Blvd. was this. A light colored car pulled along to my left side. A mid-thirtyish women beckoned me to roll down my window. Thinking she might need directions, I complied. She then proceeded to tell me that I had scraped her car while backing out of my parking spot. I immediately knew that a scam was taking place as I was very aware that I hadn’t touched anything with my car. The women instructed me to pull over so we can inspect the damage. I told her that I would, but then just proceeded on home.

When it became obvious after about two miles that they (a man was driving the car) were following me, I diverted from my normal route. When I got caught up in some traffic, they pulled along side of me again and asked why I wasn’t pulling over. At that point I showed them my cell phone and informed them that I was calling 911. In her now very agitated and raspy voice, she again told me to pull over because “It isn’t so bad.” I told her that I had never touched their car and again said I was dialing 911. At that point they sped away.

A word to my fellow Marina del Rey residents. If this happens to you, do not ever pull over. Do not drive to your home. If anything, drive to a very public place if you feel threatened. I was actually going to drive over to the Sheriff’s office located on Fiji Way. When I did finally arrive home I reported this incident to the LAPD Pacific Division and the officer said that he would inform his “car detectives.”

Gary Abel, Marina del Rey

A cyclist joins the discussion about use of bike paths

To the Editor,

I was very amused by the letter, “Reckless cylists from a pedestrian point of view” in the December 3rd Argonaut, and by the comment that he wished that cyclists would stick to their bike paths.

We cyclists wish we could. All along the coastal path between Playa del Rey and Torrance there are signs painted on the path stating “Bikes Only” but we have to dodge between walkers, skaters, surfers with their boards and mothers pushing their baby carriages. I guess they cannot read the signs that have been painted anew by county money.

There have also been many accidents between cyclists and others which are ignored by law enforcement agencies. I have never seen a pedestrian cited for walking on the bike path.

I have been told we must share the paths, even with the signs, so I make the letter writer an offer. Clear our posted bike paths of others and we will stay off your pedestrian walks.

Tom Kravitz, Playa Vista