Commends owners of Mariner’s Bistro

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to our most loved deli here at Mariners Village in Marina del Rey. I can assuredly tell you that these people are hard working and lovely people, who sell amazing food. I had my wedding catered by them in December 2008.

Everyone raved about the food. They are hard-working people who bring a sense of family to our complex.

There was never a “poll” about our deli (Argonaut January 28th article). It really incensed me that (the property owners) say that. I have lived here three years and never have I seen a poll on our deli. Never. I am appalled at all of this. We do not want them to go.

Even one of our best friends always insists on eating at our deli because she loves the food. Need I say more?

Kalie Noelle Myers, Marina del Rey

Thanks county for taking care of odors at Oxford basin

To the Editor:

The bad smells are gone and the birds are back.

Finally, the County of Los Angeles took the time and made the effort to clean up the Oxford Flood Control Basin, and what an improvement. Not only are the foul smells along Admiralty Way now gone but the birds are back and enjoying the cleaner waters of the basin.

I thank you and I am certain the birds thank you and the occupants of the Marina City complex thank you.

Al Hains, Marina del Rey