Hopes to see challenge to Knabe reelection

To the Editor:

Re: “Knabe announces plan for reelection.”

My, aren’t we confident: reelection.! Is there no “termed-out” for us unfortunates who do not appreciate Supervisor (Don) Knabe’s cronyism? Is there no candidate to run against him?

Mr. Knabe calls the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment “a master plan.” It is nothing of the kind.

It is permission for four very different projects, three in different portions of the Marina, to build up and out without regard for traffic, proximity of parking to boats, replacement of a promised park with 125 apartments added to 400 where the (Neptune Marina property) stands as well as a huge dry stack boating facility, hanging over the water’s edge and requiring boaters to wait 45 minutes to take out their boats and to dock them.

This was a horrible amendment, a conspiracy between Regional Planning and California Coastal Commission staff. “The neighbors” call a spade a spade! And we know the Marina better than Knabe and the coastal commissioners because we live here, boat here, are customers of Marina businesses, and pay lots of property tax here. Mr. Knabe speaks with the business community rather than with the residents….. I recall his attending but one meeting here in the 20 years I have lived here.

Mr. Knabe is hugely unpopular with us because he wants to wring from Marina del Rey money rather than beauty, recreation and tranquility. “Down with Don” is my slogan for this election.

I hope he has opposition. And, by the way, there are close to 8,000 of us “neighbors” on the west side of the Marina: homeowners, condo owners, and apartment dwellers.

Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey

Says applications wasted when no school chosen

To the Editor:

Re: “Ocean Charter denied land lease” (Argonaut, March 15).

I can not believe what I’m witnessing here with the antics of Steve Zimmer and the (Los Angeles unified) school board. Zimmer orchestrated the (request for proposal) with the schools that applied expecting to be allowed to develop a school campus at Walgrove Avenue Elementary School should their proposal be selected.

I hear on a regular basis from the school board members and Zimmer when they are being interviewed or at town hall meetings pushing their agendas that “It’s about the kids’ education.” Really, is it about the kids’ education when you entice schools to submit RFP applications, to then be wasted because they are refused the application? If someone was not going to be allowed to develop the campus, why were these schools asked to submit an RFP?

I do not understand why Zimmer asked these companies to submit an RFP if this campus was not going to be allowed to be developed?

The school board should also look into its current standard operating procedures with cases like this so more money is not wasted and charter schools are not given false hopes.

Steve Wallace, Mar Vista

‘Cart before the horse’ with new Playa developments

To the Editor:

Re: “Community plan for Culver Boulevard to be linked to new developments” (Argonaut, March 15).

I was surprised to read the unquestioning support The Argonaut displayed for the planned developments in Playa del Rey.

It is somewhat alarming that the fate of this community has become an experiment in a student project. As a lifelong member of Playa del Rey, I believe that residents are not against change. In fact they would gladly embrace change, if the changes were based on the true needs of Playa del Rey and the residents who live and love it here.

How can plans move forward to develop the area more, bring in more people, more businesses, more traffic and yet still neglect the basic parking concerns that the community has been asking to be addressed for years?

As usual, it seems that the cart is coming before the horse, before full consideration of the consequences and externalities to all members of the community.

Jennifer Kearney, Playa del Rey