Expresses outrage at city’s plan to transfer liability of fixing damaged sidewalks

To the Editor:

RE: “Proposal to transfer liability of fixing damaged sidewalks to property owners draws anxiety of local residents” (Argonaut, Aug. 19):

As a homeowner in Mar Vista, I can attest to the ongoing problem with tree maintenance and find the proposed change outrageous. The issue involves not only the damaged sidewalks, but also other types of damage created by the same trees that the city has failed to responsibly maintain.

I had a branch from a city- owned tree fall through the windshield of my car last year, which the city now wants to disavow any responsibility for — even after repeated calls had been made to alert them to the problem of overgrowth and lack of proper care. But I cannot remove the problem tree because it is the property of the city.

For the tax dollars that I am personally spending annually for basic services, I am outraged at this back-end maneuvering and hope you continue to alert the community as to current developments.

If the homeowner has no control over the tree(s), then it should remain the responsibility of the city who planted it.

Kennard Ramsey, Mar Vista