Claims beauty of LAX gateway pylons impacted by nearby billboards

To the Editor:

The gateway pylons at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are one of the greatest public artworks by the city of Los Angeles. They never cease to amaze, entertain and delight me.

It is one of the few perks of living in Westchester, home to LAX and home to non-stop jet noise, as well as airport traffic and pollution. The pylons, particularly when lit at night, are art.

But each and every day they are being vandalized and marred, the same as a knife slashing a painting, graffiti and tagging destroying murals, and a hammer and chisel destroying a statue. Yet, this destruction apparently continues unchecked by the city of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, private property owners at LAX and advertisement agencies.

The desecration of the pylons is from the billboards, which sit on adjoining property and completely destroy the dignity and artistic sensibility of the pylons.

Not only am I offended by the billboards, but the millions of passengers going through LAX see the beauty of the pylons, and the ugliness of the billboards. That these billboards continue to mar this artwork sends very strong signals that the parties involved seemingly do not care about the public, public art, nor the raising of the quality of life issues which come through great public art projects, such as the pylons.

Matthew Hetz, Los Angeles