Believes Los Angeles should follow Santa Monica’s lead on leaf blower ban

To the Editor:

In response to the Argonaut article (Oct. 28) on new leaf blower enforcement measures taking effect in Santa Monica, I agree with the article 100 percent.

I live near Los Angeles International Airport and with the additional pollution that these blowers cause, why doesn’t Los Angeles follow Santa Monica’s restrictions?

Richard Marvin, Los Angeles

Recommends having year-round water taxi to connect main points in Marina

To the Editor:

I was very interested in Helga Gendell’s article about Marina del Rey pedestrian and transportation improvements.

I think a very useful and beneficial improvement would be a water taxi connecting main points in the Marina.

A starting point might be the beach with links to the Marriott and the new Jamaica Bay Inn, and stops at the Marina del Rey Hotel, the library. Information area, Fisherman’s Village and another one on the Bora Bora/Tahiti Way side.

The water taxi would be a 10- to 20- passenger pontoon boat with a yellow canopy and could have solar lights for nighttime on the canopy. A small fee of $3 or so would supplement the cost, and hotels and businesses could give vouchers for their patrons.

This means of transport would bring many more visitors to the Marina and allow them to have easy access to shops and restaurants, and would add to the public enjoyment of what the Marina has to offer and make the area more of a destination.

I have been instrumental in creating a public access park in Burlington, Vt. on Lake Champlain while I was on its City Council, and our park brings thousands of visitors to Burlington.

I enjoyed your newspaper very much; keep up the quality work.

Maurice Mahoney, Burlington, Vt.