Safe art

Re: “Paul Conrad sculpture unanimously approved as city landmark” (Argonaut, July 12).

If Los Angeles can find a way to make the 340-ton Levitated Mass public art boulder display safe for people to walk under it, then surely Santa Monica can find a way to make the late Paul Conrad’s 5.5-ton Chain Reaction nuclear mushroom cloud public art sculpture safe for people to walk around it.

Jerry Rubin, Santa Monica

Sidewalk hole theory

My wife and I have also walked a few miles in Westchester and a few times I have mentioned the filled holes on Truxton Avenue in the block before Manchester Avenue. From 1946 through 1950, when I was 15 and up, my family lived in Compton and my parents would occasionally go looking for a larger home for the family.

The model homes on display would have signage and roped off paths attached to 4-by-4 posts in the sidewalk, for prospective buyers to follow as they went from model to model.

I don’t think that I was ever all that interested in looking, so the memory of exactly how they were arranged is a bit vague, but I am sure there will be others that may even have pictures. Anyway, they apparently just pulled out the posts, and did not too good a job of filling the holes.

Les Wyant, Westchester