The South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club (SCCYC) hosted a highly successful Lido 14 Day Saturday, June 18th, that attracted about 30 guests and introduced many to the Lido 14.

The event was intended to dispense information about and to introduce the public to the 14-foot boat that can be sailed single-handedly or with a crew of two or three.

The boat was originally built in the late ’50s and early ’60s. It was one of the first boats sailed in Marina del Rey and several of the guests Saturday remembered sailing this little boat several decades ago.

This event was met with great enthusiasm both from non-sailors who had never been on a boat and those past skippers of the little boats when the skippers were in their youth.

The Lido 14ñFleet 2 was on hand to share information and take guests for a ride on the boats down G Basin and out into the Main Channel.

The weather helped make the day a success.

“Gorgeous day — could not have been better. Nice breeze at noon, building to excellent wind for some exciting sailing by 3 p.m.,” said Doug Russell, a member of the fleet, who provided information and rides to the guests.

It is the hope of Tracey Kenney, event coordinator, “that with an event as successful as this was, the awareness of this fun boat will bring more sailors to the fleet.”

The fleet meets at SCCYC on Thursdays and sails five races before adjourning for light refreshment at the yacht club.

For more information on this fleet, Tracey Kenney can be reached through the Lido 14 Web site,

LIDO DAY POETRY — “Why I Sail Lidos” by Skipper Suess.

The other day an event was held; One that cast a refreshing spell.

Lido Day bestowed good memories upon my psyche; And now I boldly proclaim of Lidos, yes, “Me likey.”

I like them Lidos, I do declare; They handle fine in all types of air.

Not too fast nor not too slow; My affection for them increasingly grows.

Aboard with one, aboard with more; A comfortable sail for you, in store.

A place to slightly stretch your stumps; No hard edges to hurt your rumps.

No more bruises, no more blood; “I weally wike ‘dem,” quotes Elmer Fudd.

A product of the 1950s; With an illustrious history, one that’s nifty.

Of elegant simplicity in design; Lidos turn heads and look mighty fine.

Classic or 6000 series do abound; No performance edge, both are sound.

Classics offer more with which to fiddle; 6000s have more seat space in the middle.

Same hull, same specs, all tried and true; Both come replete with smiles for skip and crew.

Many top sailors race them hard; Whilst families opt for the cruising card.

The role called upon, matters not; Trust me, you’ll like Lido and a lot.

The new Lido Fleet 2 did provide; Lidos to sail, er that is, test drive.

For potential owners and potential crew; Perfect weather did ensue.

To put those Lido 14s through their paces; And leave sailors with smiles on their faces.

You may have missed this last grand Lido Day; But don’t you fret, don’t you dare, no way.

For very soon, it’s now in planning; The Fleet will grow, always expanding.

Another Lido Day will be announced; And when it does, you, yes you must pounce.

Carpe diem, seize the day; You’ll have fun and don’t have to pay.

So check your Web sites, check your snail mail; Ask your friends, “C’mon prevail.”

For if you lend an attentive ear; You’ll know when the day will soon be here.

An invitation to come and play; Right here at home, Marina del Rey.