The Lido 14 fleet has been reactivated in Marina del Rey.

“The Lido is akin to the venerable VW bug — simple to own and operate, slightly quirky in nature, lovable, and almost anyone with sailing experience has some memory association with the design,” says Robert Spieler, South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club (SCCYC) fleet captain.

Recently, the fleet has had a rebirth in the Marina and last weekend held its first Fleet Invitational Regatta, hosted by South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club with resounding success.

With a participation of 13

boats — six arriving from four outside harbors and seven local boats — the group was divided into A and B fleets.

Race committee officials chose to start both fleets together and “the sight of 13 Lidos jockeying for position in the channel drew attention from both the water and the shore,” race officials said.

The winds were light during most of the event, the waters calm and the skies partly cloudy.

Channel traffic was moderately low for the first three races and this made for perfect conditions for the two-person boats to enjoy their event.

The UCLA Aquatic Center permitted the racers to use the UCLA dock for a break and this allowed the racers to stretch between Races 3 and 4 and to prepare for the challenge of the second set of races.

This portion of the event saw an increase in channel motoring traffic, increased wind and slightly more spirited sailing among the competitors.

The final race, Race 6, became a “drag race” down G Basin to the club, where hospitality was provided at SCCYC, complete with trophies and fine, spirited conversation.

Final results, together with photos and membership information can be found on or