The mothers of three boys who were allegedly abducted earlier this month by their fathers who lived together in Westchester say they fear the boys’ lives are in great danger, the attorney for the mothers said.

Jean John Silah, 47, picked up his nine-year-old son Greg Silah from his ex-wife for a summer vacation visit in late June, police said. Silah was obligated to return his son to his ex-wife, who has custody, by July 2nd as required by a court order, but he failed to do so, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Jean John Silah’s brother George Silah, 46, also had his two sons Alexander, 12, and Zaven, eight, for a visit at his home in the 7300 block of West 81st Street in Westchester. George Silah was scheduled to take a cruise with his sons July 5th but they never boarded the cruise, police said.

Zarouhi Meguerian, the mother of Alexander and Zaven Silah, and Christine Jeanbart, the mother of Greg Silah, told police they have not had contact with the boys since they visited their fathers. The mothers say they now believe the situation has turned into a matter of life and death for their children, said attorney Ronald Brot, who represents the mothers.

According to sworn declarations by the mothers in documents filed with the court, threats left on the fathers’ voice mail indicate that the men’s lives are in danger, which also places the children directly in harm’s way.

The mothers stated that they retrieved a number of voice-mail messages left for George and John Silah indicating, in graphic detail, that they would be tortured and then killed, Brot said. The threats made against the Silahs appeared to be from members of the Armenian community, from whom the brothers allegedly bilked more than $5 million, according to the statement from the boys’ mothers.

Jeanbart and Meguerian have issued an urgent plea to the public, organizations dedicated to finding abducted children, and the media nationwide, to help them locate the young boys.

“We have some reason to believe that the children may still be in the United States,” Brot said.

“Our hope is that the children will soon be found safe and unharmed, but time is working against us. We are in urgent need of the public’s help.”

The identities of the Silah brothers and their sons have been posted on various government agency “watch lists” nationwide, the attorney said.

Due to the probe by authorities, felony arrest warrants are expected to be issued for George and Jean John Silah by the end of July.

Anyone who has any information as to the whereabouts of the three children or their fathers is asked to contact attorney Ronald Brot at (818) 594-0800; LAPD detectives Lopez or Britton at (310) 482-6334, or district attorney investigators Newton or Duplesis at (213) 974-7424.