Loyola Marymount University (LMU) alumnus Bob Beemer — from the class of 1977 — re-ceived an Oscar for “Best Achievement in Sound Mixing” for his work on the movie Dreamgirls, at the 79th annual Academy Awards on February 25th.

The Academy Award for Sound Mixing recognizes the finest or most aesthetic sound mixing or recording in a film.

Sound mixing balances the relative volume, frequency, spatial placement and dynamic content from a number of sound sources. These sound sources are as diverse as the different musical instruments and vocalists in a band.

Beemer has worked on more than 100 films during his 28-year career as a sound mixer. He said the most memorable films he has worked on include American Beauty, Gladiator and most recently, Dreamgirls.

“Dreamgirls was a fantastic collaborative effort,” Beemer said. “Everyone on the cast and crew rose beyond their respective talents and standard procedures to create this impressive movie experience.”

After graduating from LMU, Beemer’s initial goal was to become a producer or a writer.

However, he landed a job in sound after being laid off from his first job as a gofer for a film production company.

It turned out that he had an aptitude for sound, which evolved into a career.

“LMU empowered me by exposing me to all the job functions in the filmmaking process,” Beemer said. “Utilizing this perspective allowed me to eventually gravitate into the job that best suited my skills and talents.”

Beemer was already a three-time Academy Award winner for his work on Ray, Gladiator and Speed. Dreamgirls marked his seventh nomination by the Academy. In addition, Beemer has won awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Motion Picture Sound Editors, and the International Press Academy.

Beemer recently received an Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Motion Pictures from the Cinema Audio Society for his work on Dreamgirls.

“Winning an Oscar for Dreamgirls was icing on the greatest cake,” Beemer said.

“Not only was working on the movie an incredibly satisfying experience, but it’s a very special honor to be recognized by my peers and the Academy at large.”