The Loyola Marymount University (LMU) annual Bellarmine Forum, scheduled from Saturday, October 26th, to Sunday, November 1st, is called “ Convivencia” and is described as a look at religious diversity and religious communities in the City of Los Angeles.

“This year’s theme addresses the intersection of religion, identity and public life and is close to LMU’s mission and identity,” said Michael J. O’Sullivan, interim dean of LMU’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. “As we work, study and dwell together in a university that is located in one of the most richly diverse cities on the planet — religiously, culturally and ethnically — LMU represents a microcosm of the world community.”

Convivencia, which means “living together” in Spanish, was a religious golden age in medieval Spain when Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in peace and with respect, an LMU spokesman notes.

During the six days of the Bellarmine Forum, religious and community leaders will examine various religious traditions and how they affect the lives of Los Angeles residents.

The forum will include:

— “Religion in Black Los Angeles,” a discussion and musical celebration featuring the Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, former pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, and LMU Voices of Joy Gospel Choir;

— a screening of Four Seasons Lodge, a documentary film chronicling the last season at a mountain lodge where survivors of the Holocaust went to celebrate their lives; and

— a performance of the Yaqui Deer Dance, a ritual of the Native American Yaqui tribe of northern Mexico and Arizona that is rarely performed outside tribal lands; and a reading of Bounty of Lace, a play about women in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

This year’s forum is sponsored by Fred Segal and the Jewish Community Foundation.

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