For the past several months, each of the seven schools in Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Family of Schools has assembled a team of parents, teachers, administrators and community members to create the Auto- nomy Exploratory Committee.

These teams have visited several high-performing public schools throughout Southern California and will continue their work informally over the next year.

This report is a compilation of their observations thus far. The meeting also features a presentation by Shane P. Martin, dean of the School of Education at LMU, about the overall vision for the LMU Family of Schools and a presentation by iDivision staff about their role during the transition.

The LMU Family of Schools is a university-wide initiative partnering with the Westchester educational community ñ public schools, parents, teachers and community members ñ to bolster and support increased educational outcomes for its students. The project redefines the role of a university partner by leveraging focused university resources to address student success, parent and community engagement, and unmet educational needs within and around the initial seven schools in the partnership, an LMU spokesperson said.

This pioneering Family of Schools model is illustrative of an innovative approach to broad educational reform championed by both the mayor of Los Angeles and the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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