Loyola Marymount University (LMU) received $300,000 from the William H. Hannon Foundation to support Catholic school teacher programs offered by LMU’s School of Education Wednesday, July 19th.

“The School of Education remains steadfastly committed to raising the caliber of Catholic education in the Los Angeles region,” said Shane Martin, dean of the School of Education.

The foundation’s generosity will allow the school to meet the needs of the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese through the creation “of a cadre of highly-qualified and dedicated educators,” Shane said.

The grant will be paid over four years and allocated towards LMU’s Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers Program (CAST), the Professional Credential for Catholic School Teacher’s Program and the Principals Development Program (PDP).

The Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers Program is a two-year master’s degree and teaching credential program for approximately 2,000 teachers in the Los Angeles Archdiocese schools. Students in the program are given a generous scholarship to successfully complete the degree.

The Professional Credential for Catholic School Teacher’s Program is tailored specifically for Catholic school teachers to earn an advanced education credential and provide the greatest support to Catholic school students in achieving academically.

Similarly, the Principals Development Program is a two-year-in-service program that offers Catholic school leaders and principals a Master of Arts in Catholic Administration.

“The ultimate beneficiaries of this partnership will, of course, be the deserving Catholic students this gift will serve,” Martin said.