Loyola Marymount University (LMU) senior Nathan Wanner placed third at the Systems to Synthesis conference sponsored by the San Diego Consortium for Systems Biology.

Conference organizers said Wanner was the only undergraduate to participate in the competition, which is typically dominated by graduate students and medical professionals.

He took third place for his scientific poster, “Mathematical Modeling of the Transcriptional Network Controlling the Environmental Stress Response in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.” A scientific poster is a graphic display of scientific information.

“I was incredibly honored to have placed third in the competition,” Wanner said, thanking LMU faculty members Kam Dahlquist and Erica Camacho.

Wanner’s experiment was an independent research project he worked on last semester while enrolled in an independent research course with biology professor Dahlquist.

He was simultaneously studying math modeling with Camacho.

Wanner’s study in mathematical biology focused specifically on modeled gene expression and how the concentration of these proteins, which are encoded in DNA, can change the cell.

“I’ll be attending graduate school in the fall to continue my study of mathematical biology, which is very exciting because it’s a relatively new field, and I’m glad that it got some exposure at the conference,” Wanner said.

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