The Third Annual Wetland Research Symposium: “Climate Change in Urban Estuaries” will take place at Loyola Marymount University Monday, March 25.
The event – followed later in the week by a climate change conference focused on the Los Angeles River – is presented by the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, the Center for Urban Resilience, and LMU. The scientific symposium will focus on the impacts of changing climate on the ecology and resilience of urban wetlands.
Scientists from throughout California will be presenting on topics ranging from sea level rise to erosion and thermal stress.
Presentations at the wetland symposium will cover a wide range of climate change topics related to wetland research and restoration. Among the presenters are Dr. Meg Caldwell, executive director for the Center for Ocean Solutions and director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program at Stanford Law School;
Dr. Jeremy Pal of LMU, who will present research on climate effects on the Ballona Wetlands under different restoration and sea level rise scenarios; and Dr. Steve Crooks, who will discuss wetland restoration projects along the central California coastline and how climate change adaptation strategies have been taken into account.
Locally, the public restoration process for the Ballona Wetlands ecological reserve is currently underway with the environmental documents set to be released for comments later in 2013.