The Rotary Club of Westchester will recognize local “courageous citizens” at an annual luncheon event at noonWednesday, June 15 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 5985 W. Century Blvd., Westchester.

The event will feature representatives from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office presenting awards to citizens whom they say have gone above and beyond the call of duty in fighting crime.

The awards were created to commend individuals who have acted with courage and at considerable personal risk to help a victim of crime, assist in the capture of a suspect, or testify in the face of extraordinary pressures, according to the district attorney’s office.

“The stories are often moving, and it is incredible how these ordinary people risk their lives and face danger to make sure justice is done,” said Rotary President Ted Grose. “The entire city owes them a debt of gratitude.”

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is expected to attend the event.

“It is our hope that this kind of public recognition, in a world where heroes are often hard to come by, will have a far-reaching impact on our community – and particularly on our young people,” Cooley said.

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