Compiled by Kamala Kirk and Christina Campodonico

The following includes election data available as of press time on Wednesday, Nov. 4

Santa Monica City Council (Four seats)

Phil Brock 11.43%

Gleam Olivia Davis 11.4%

Christine Parra 10.69%

Oscar De La Torre 10.34%

Terry O’Day 10.32%

Ted Winterer 10.03%

Ana Maria Jara 9.45%

Mario Fonda-Bonardi 7.47%

Marcus Owens 3.18%

Tom Ciszek 2.45%

Andrew Browning 2.12%

Chip Martin 1.83%

Merv Andika 1.51%

Zoe Muntaner 1.43%

Andrew Kamm 1.4%

Jon Mann 1.21%

Anne-Marie Slack 1.06%

Dominic Gomez 0.93%

Nathaniel Jones 0.70%

Todd Mentch 0.58%

John Patrick Jewell III 0.47%

Santa Monica City Measure SM

A one-time real estate property transfer tax for essential services

YES: 72.65%

NO: 27.35%

Measure AB

Repeals provisions to appoint candidates and promote employees into civil service to enable the city council to advance equity-based hiring within the appointment and promotional processes

YES: 61.22%

NO: 38.78%

Culver City Council

Yasmine-Imani McMorrin 18.73%

Albert Vera 18.47%

Freddy Puza 15.6%

Goran Eriksson 15.18%

Darrel Menthe 14.25%

Heather Wollin 6.66%

Khin Khin Gyi 5.17%

Robert “Mr. Z” Zirgulis 3.57%

Anthony Rizzo 2.36%

Culver City Measure B

Voter approval of all interim or permanent rent control measures

YES: 55.4%

NO: 44.6%

Culver City Measure RE

Real estate property transfer tax for essential services

YES: 53.02%

NO: 46.98%

L.A. County Supervisor District 2 (includes Culver City, Inglewood & Mar Vista)

Holly Mitchell 60.86%

Herb J. Wesson Jr. 39.14%

L.A. County District Attorney

George Gascón 53.81%

Jackie Lacey 46.19%

L.A. County Measure J

Community investment and alternatives to incarceration minimum county budget allocation

YES: 57.08%

NO: 42.92%

State Assembly District 62

Autumn Burke 81.23%

Robert Steele 18.77%

California Ballot Measures

Proposition 14

Borrowing for stem cell research

YES: 51.1%

NO: 48.9%

(Too close to call at press time)

Proposition 15

Commercial property taxes

YES: 48.3%

NO: 51.7%

(Too close to call at press time)

Proposition 16

Allow affirmative action to return

YES: 43.9%

NO: 56.1%


Proposition 17

Allow parolees to vote

YES: 59%

NO: 41%


Proposition 18

Allow some 17-year-olds to vote

YES: 44.9%

NO: 55.1%

(Too close to call at press time)

Proposition 19

Add and subtract property tax breaks for seniors and inheritors

YES: 51.1%

NO: 48.5%

(Too close to call at press time)

Proposition 20

Tougher on parole and property crimes

YES: 37.7%

NO: 62.3%


Proposition 21

Rent control redux

YES: 40.2%

NO: 59.8%


Proposition 22

Special work rules for gig economy workers

YES: 58.4%

NO: 43.9%


Proposition 23

Kidney dialysis clinic rule change

YES: 36%

NO: 64%


Proposition 24

New consumer privacy rules

YES: 56.1%

NO: 43.9%


Proposition 25

Yes or no on cash bail

YES: 44.6%

NO: 55.4%


Congressional District 43 (includes Westchester/Inglewood)

Maxine Waters, (D-Calif., incumbent) 72.5% – Winner

Joe Collins 27.5%

Congressional District 33 (includes Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Venice, Playa del Rey)

Ted Lieu, (D-Calif., incumbent) 69% – Winner

James Bradley 31%

President of the United States of America

Joseph Biden 50.2% nationally | 71.58% in LA County – 248 electoral votes (at time of print)

Donald J. Trump 48.1% nationally | 26.60% in LA County – 214 electoral votes (at time of print)

(Too close to call at press time)