The West Side Homeless Outreach group has announced the establishment of a special Beach Cities Task Force to expand its outreach to the homeless.

West Side Homeless Outreach is an organization that works to address the most critical needs of unsheltered homeless people throughout western Los Angeles County. Several times a week, as resources permit, the outreach group delivers healthy beverages, nutritious food, warm blankets and sleeping bags, clean clothing and other necessities to some of the Westside’s neediest men, women and children, a spokeswoman said. The group’s Beach Cities Task Force will begin operating Tuesday, Feb. 1.

“The new task force will identify increasing numbers of homeless people and offer them a full menu of assistance,” said Loren Franck, the outreach’s president and executive director.

“Twice weekly, the task force of one WSHO staff member and three community volunteers will seek out homeless groups and individuals from Malibu to El Segundo. We’ll offer fresh food, clean clothing and warm bedding as well as referrals to local, state and federal social service agencies.

“We’ll also assess homeless people’s needs for future task force visits.”

Franck said the special task force is based on need and is an extension of the group’s current activities. During its ongoing efforts, West Side Homeless Outreach has observed an increased need among the homeless for food, blankets, sleeping bags and many other essentials, and this new task force will help meet those needs, Franck said.

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