The three incumbent congressmembers in the local area — Democrats Jane Harman, Henry Waxman and Maxine Waters — won easy reelection in the Tuesday, November 2nd, general election.

Both local incumbent State Senators — Sheila Kuehl and Edward Vincent — also were re-elected with large vote percentages.

In the 53rd Assembly District, which includes Westchester, Playa del Rey, Venice, Marina del Rey, Mar Vista and the Del Rey area, Democrat Mike Gordon defeated Republican Greg Hill and two other candidates.

Incumbent Democrats Jerome Horton and Fran Pavley also were easily reelected.

Official votes as tabulated by the California secretary of state include:


n District 30; which includes Santa Monica:

Henry Waxman, Democrat, 71.2%; and

Victor Elizalde, Republican, 28.8%.

n District 35; which includes portions of Westchester:

Maxine Waters, Democrat, 80.3%;

Ross Moen, Republican, 15.5%; and

Gordon Mego, American Independent, and Charles Tate, Libertarian, who both received 2,982 votes, 2.1%.

n District 36; which includes Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista and the Del Rey area:

Jane Harman, Democrat, 61.9%;

Paul Whitehead, Republican, 33.7%;

Alice Stek, Peace and Freedom, 2.4%; and

Mike Binkley, Libertarian, 2%.


n District 23; which includes Santa Monica:

Sheila Kuehl, Democrat, 65.9%;

Leonard Lanzi, Republican, 29%; and

Colin Goldman, Libertarian, 5.1%.

n District 25; which includes Westchester:

Edward Vincent, Democrat, 73.3%;

James Spencer, Republican, 23.8%; and

Dale Ogden, Libertarian, 2.9%.


n District 41; which includes Santa Monica:

Fran Pavley, Democrat, 60%;

Heather Peters, Republican, 35.5%; and

Richard Koffler, Libertarian, 4.5%.

n District 51; which includes portions of Westchester:

Jerome Horton, Democrat, 83.9%; and

Daniel Sherman, Libertarian, 16.1%.

n District 53; which includes portions of Westchester, Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista and the Del Rey area:

Mike Gordon, Democrat, 50.4%;

Greg Hill, Republican, 42.5%;

Ethan Boivie, Libertarian, 4.6%; and

James Smith, Peace and Freedom, 2.5%.