Club Good Hurt in Mar Vista will host “Westside Convergence,” an event showcasing five local bands, three DJs, and live visual art beginning at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 18th.

The show is expected to attract music and art lovers from across the Westside, an event promoter said.

Westside Convergence features performances by local musicians including Exactly, Magnus Hitch, and Auditory Aphaisa.—The event will start with acoustic sets by Hello Echo and Angel City Ramblers.

In addition to the live band performances, DJ sets by ChrisB, Yusti, and Jed from the Portal Patch will highlight the evening.

Live visual art will be provided throughout the evening by Jigglesworth.

“Westside Convergence will bring together a diverse line-up of artists, which will be a great attraction for music fans and jam band enthusiasts,” said the managing director of Headtron.

“These musicians share a collective penchant for improvisation, and a commitment to musicianship that crosses genres, drawing from a range of traditions including rock, funk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and even techno,” the manager said. “All the musicians will be working to create an environment for fans to enjoy an entire evening of music and a fun and affordable way to see many local artists in one place.”

The performers share a common musical approach: an emphasis on creative improvisation and live performance, the event promoter said.

Admission is $5. Club Good Hurt is at 12249 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.

Information, (310) 390-1076, or