Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica was placed on “lockdown” Tuesday afternoon, January 29th, after Santa Monica police received a call regarding the possibility of a dangerous person being on the school’s campus.

Police responded to the campus, at 1501 California Ave., and collaborated with the school administration to lock down the school, said Timothy Walker, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District deputy superintendent. Lockdown drills are practiced regularly at all district schools, he said.

Shortly after securing the campus, police received a similar call regarding John Adams Middle School, 2425 16th St.

After a thorough search of the Lincoln Middle School campus, Santa Monica police informed the district that there was no evidence of anyone with a weapon on either campus, Walker said. Police determined that the calls were a prank.

After collaboration between police and the administration at John Adams Middle School, students were dismissed as usual. Lincoln students were escorted by police and school staff off campus to a staging area at the corner of Euclid Street and California Avenue and were then released to their parents, Walker said.

District officials were at the schools during the incidents and all parents of Lincoln and John Adams Middle School students were informed through an automated dialing system.

The collaborative efforts between police and school officials focused on the safety and security of students and staff, Walker said.

The schools were scheduled to be open Wednesday January 30th, with additional staff at both sites to assist any children who required support to deal with the incidents.

District officials said they are thankful that no one was injured and will use the incidents as a learning opportunity to ensure that all schools are even more prepared for any crisis.