Dr. Lee Newfield, a longtime Marina del Rey resident and physician who competed in yachting races in the Marina for many years, passed away March 5. He was 83.

Newfield, the owner and skipper of Windfall out of Del Rey Yacht Club, was a premier yachtsman in the Marina and a quintessential “old-school gentleman,” said his wife, Janet.

Among his achievements as a racer/skipper was capturing the 1983 first-in-class title in the Marina to Puerto Vallarta yachting race. Newfield was known for his calm demeanor during the moments of sailing panic that afflict all crews at one time or another, and his crew earned an enviable win/loss record for many years, his wife said.

A 15-year Marina resident, Newfield pursued his two dreams, medicine and sailing. He received his medical degree from USC and practiced medicine for 40 years in the Marina area.

Those who knew him through his medical practice would say medicine was his first love, while those who knew him through sailing would call that his first love, Janet Newfield said.

She said those who knew him were never disappointed whether it was caring for a sick patient or tacking away from the fleet on a flyer.