Salee Berman, a longtime resident of Marina del Rey and Culver City passed away on June 19th after a long illness. She was 76.

Considered to be a pioneer in the field of nurse midwifery, Berman was honored by the California Nurse-Midwifery Association in May 2003. She was also an advisor to the Bradley Method of natural childbirth and co-founder of the National Childbirth Center.

During her career as a midwife, she delivered more than 2,000 babies in homes, hospitals and birthing centers. The highlight of those deliveries was her grandson, Daniel.

In addition to her career in natural childbirth, Berman was also an accomplished sailor. She and her husband Vic sailed to many distant locales, including Mexico, Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean. They also took a 5,500-mile cruise from California to Florida via the Panama Canal in their 34-foot catamaran, Double Chai.

Berman is survived by her husband Vic, six children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.