Drivers may soon get some relief when making a left turn at various intersections throughout Los Angeles.

City officials propose to install left-turn signals at hundreds more city intersections during the next four years under a city Department of Transportation (DOT) plan.

The Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee approved the plan Wednesday, February 8th.

The proposal must still be approved by the City Council.

Department of Transportation officials said the department plans to install left-turn arrows at about 330 city intersection approaches, including 12 intersections in the 11th Council District, as part of the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control program.

Left-turn arrows are also planned for another 120 locations as part of various Street Lighting Improvement projects or the department’s annual Signal Design work program, DOT officials said.

According to a motion presented by 11th District City Councilman Bill Rosendahl in September, “Making a left turn in Los Angeles has gone from hard to nearly impossible, from inconvenience to formidable challenge.”

Rosendahl has said that the city needs “more and longer” left-turn signals at major intersections, particularly on the Westside.

“We are in gridlock in the 11th District for many hours of the day,” Rosendahl said.

“There are short-term and long-term solutions and left-turn signals are short-term solutions.

“They can relieve some of the pressure now.”

According to a DOT report, there are currently left-turn arrows at 32 percent of city intersection approaches, but the department proposes to increase the number to 62 percent within four years.

The number of left-turn arrows in the city is expected to increase from approximately 1,700 currently to over 2,100 in four years, DOT officials said.

While Rosendahl said he was “delighted” at the plan to install a dozen more left-turn signals in the 11th District, he proposes to have the projects completed “within an 18-month timeframe.”

“The goal is to get them done in a much shorter amount of time,” he said.

The councilman said he hopes to have at least six of the left-turn signal installations in the 11th District completed by the end of this year.

According to DOT officials, the intersections selected for the Argonaut local coverage area within the 11th Council District over the next four years are:

– Sepulveda Boulevard and La Tijera Boulevard, Westches-ter;

– Lincoln Boulevard and Rose Avenue, Venice;

– Centinela Avenue and Venice Boulevard, Mar Vista;

– Airport Boulevard and La Tijera Boulevard, Westchester;

– Airport Boulevard and Manchester Avenue, Westchester;

– Airport Boulevard, Arbor Vitae Street and Westchester Parkway, Westchester;

– La Tijera Boulevard and Manchester Avenue, Westchester;

– Sepulveda Boulevard and La Tijera Boulevard, Westches-ter; and

– Sepulveda Boulevard and Westchester Parkway, Westches-ter.

The cost to install left-turn arrows averages $18,000 per intersection approach, and the installation cost is included in the DOT multi-year Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control and street lighting programs, DOT officials said.