Two City of Los Angeles ballot measures will appear on ballots in The Argonaut’s coverage area for the Tuesday, March 6th, Primary Nominating and Consolidated Elections.

Ballots outside of The Argonaut’s coverage area will feature candidates for Los Angeles City Council District 10, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education First District and Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees Seats One, Three, Five and Seven.

CHARTER AMENDMENT L — Establishing campaign finance regulations and enforcement, term limits, and a compensation review committee for the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education.

Shall the City of Los Angeles Charter be amended to establish: contribution limits and additional disclosure requirements for school board campaigns; local enforcement of school district campaign finance rules; campaign finance training for school board candidates; term limits of three terms (12 years) for school board members; and a school board compensation review committee?

At this time, city election laws concerning campaign finance, contribution limits, and contribution disclosures do not apply to board elections.

State law currently sets the salary of board members at approximately $24,000 annually. The California Constitution allows charter cities like Los Angeles to regulate certain matters affecting board of education members.

This Charter Amendment would:

– limit terms for board members to three terms (maximum of 12 years);

– apply certain Los Angeles city campaign finance laws to board elections; and

– create a salary review committee to set Board member salaries every five years.

No argument against this measure was submitted to the Los Angeles City Clerk Election Division for inclusion in the official voter information pamphlet.

CHARTER AMENDMENT M — Establishment of a public service purchase program.

Shall the Charter be amended to authorize the Council of the City of Los Angeles to establish a voluntary program to allow members to purchase service credit with the Fire and Police Pension Plan for full-time service with other public agencies, provided the member pays the full actuarial cost for the service purchased?

Many public employees are able to purchase pension credits for prior service with the military or other public agencies. For the City Council to establish a program allowing Los Angeles police officers and firefighters to purchase service credits, the City Charter must be amended.

This Charter change would allow the City Council to create a program that would let police officers and firefighters who served in the military or other public agencies to purchase service credits.

The proposed Charter amendment requires the program to be cost neutral. Participating employees would pay the full cost of the purchased credits. This Charter amendment also would require periodic review of this program to ensure there is no cost to the City.

Requirements and limitations for program participation would be established by the City Council. This program would provide benefits similar to those offered by other law enforcement agencies.

No argument against this measure was submitted.