Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has called for the City of Los Angeles to “think globally and act locally” in order to curb global warming.

Rosendahl, joined by six of his council colleagues, submitted a council motion Wednesday, June 28th, calling for the city to demonstrate leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions which threaten the environment and the human race.

“This is a crisis of global proportions,” Rosendahl said. “The planet is quite literally at risk.

“As the second largest city in the most polluting nation in the world, we can and must do more to stop this rush to self destruction.”

Rosendahl’s motion directs the council’s chief legislative analyst to coordinate with a range of local departments and agencies and prepare a package of recommendations for how the City of Los Angeles can independently meet or exceed the standards of the Kyoto Protocol, a global plan to reduce global warming.

Rosendahl’s motion is being referred to the City Council committees on Energy and the Environment, and Trade, Commerce and Tourism.

Specifically, the Rosendahl motion calls for:

n updates on various city programs already in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the Climate Action Plan, the Green Power Program and the Green Roofs Program;

n a package of legislative recommendations on how to eliminate gaps or shortcomings in the city’s programs to reduce greenhouse gases and recommend how the city can seize opportunities to achieve or beat the Kyoto Protocol;

n an examination of what programs and policies other cities, such as Seattle and Portland, have implemented to reduce greenhouse gases; and

n creation of a baseline measure of greenhouse emissions produced by the government of the City of Los Angeles and recommendations on what efforts can be undertaken to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases produced by city government.

Rosendahl said he was encouraged by reports of progress made at the local level by other cities.

“If our national government refuses to act, it only increases our responsibility to act on the local level,” Rosendahl said.

“We all play a part in creating global warming and we can all play a part in ending it. Los Angeles is an environmentally aware city and we should be playing a leading role on this issue,” he said.