Beginning in July, the county will devote funds equal to one percent of design and construction costs on new county capital projects to civic art.

The County Board of Supervisors adopted the county’s first formal civic art policy Tuesday, December 7th.

“The establishment of a county civic art policy will integrate the skills of artists into capital improvement projects enhancing Los Angeles County for those who live here now and contribute to the creation of a legacy for generations to come,” said Don Knabe, Fourth District supervisor.

“I have a passion for arts and believe this new civic arts policy will demonstrate to the world that Los Angeles County is truly becoming an international cultural and arts mecca,” he added.

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission will have primary responsibility for overseeing the art program, in conjunction with the county chief administrative officer and the County Department of Public Works.

The County Arts Commission will develop an annual civic art plan with each supervisor in whose district a county project is planned.

The plan will include ongoing projects and recommendations for new projects.

The County Arts Commission will also establish a prequalified list of artists for county civic art projects.

A list of artists who have worked with government agencies in the past and completed their work in a timely manner will be compiled by the County Arts Commission.

New artists will also be encouraged to get involved in the civic art projects.