Venice Neighborhood Council member Linda Lucks has been appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as one of seven members of the city Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.

Villaraigosa recently announced the completion of his appointments to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.

The board — comprised of seven members who each come from a different background and part of the city — is responsible for setting and overseeing policy, including approval of contracts, leases, rules and regulations for the city Neighborhood Council system.

“My appointees offer a broad array of backgrounds and experiences,” Villaraigosa said. “I expect the diversity of perspectives to enable the board to address the variety of interests represented by residents of Los Angeles and to foster effective collaboration to help our city’s neighborhoods thrive.”

Lucks, who is the owner of a consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations, called her appointment to the neighborhood commission “an honor.”

“I think the whole Neighborhood Council movement is very interesting,” said Lucks, the chair of the Venice Neighborhood Council Ocean Front Walk Committee. “I think it’s an interesting perspective to have someone serving on a Neighborhood Council also serve on the board.”

Lucks joined with other activists during the 2004 elections to found, an electronic portal designed to encourage women’s participation in the electoral process.

She has served as the first woman president of the Los Angeles County Beach Commission, the chair of the Venice Beach Area Police Advisory Committee, and is a founder and co-chair of the annual Venice Garden Tour.

Lucks is also a member of the California List and the Friends of the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women.