The 14th Annual Los Angeles Partnership Walk, an event to raise awareness toward ending global poverty, will begin at the Santa Monica Pier Sunday, Nov. 14.

Thousands of supporters are expected to participate in the local event, which will be held in conjunction with walks in eight other cities across the U.S. including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Houston, event organizers say. In addition to individual participants, scores of teams from corporations, universities, schools and community organizations will also be participating.

The 2010 theme for Partnership Walk, “Our Environment: One People, One Planet,” calls attention to the urgent need for environmental stewardship and strategies to face the mounting challenges of climate change, deforestation, resource depletion and diminishing biodiversity, organizers note.

Carl Pope, the executive chairman of the Sierra Club, will be the keynote speaker.

Partnership Walk is a public event aimed at raising awareness about how people can make a difference in ending global poverty, an event spokesperson said. Since 1995, more than 40 Partnership Walks have been held in the U.S., attracting thousands of participants.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has acknowledged the valuable contributions that the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF USA) is making, saying, “Partnership Walk is a commitment from all of us to address poverty, hunger, illiteracyŠin the world. AKF is about something bigger than just the number of people here today. It is about our commitment to the human race.”

This year’s LA Partnership Walk includes cultural entertainment, development education and awareness. Following the walk, participants can enjoy entertainment featuring various artists and musicians, as well as visit the Global Village in Action, an interactive and educational exhibit.