Academic Performance Index (API) scores for the Los Angeles Unified School District show that district schools scored lower than the average of all schools in Los Angeles County and also across the state.

However, the district”s API score of 635 for the 2003-2004 academic year is 13 points higher than last year”s score.

All schools in Los Angeles County also showed an increase of 13 points, scoring 676 this year.

Scores for all schools in California are up only ten points, from 683 last year.

Established by the California State Legislature in 1999, the API summarizes a school district”s performance by calculating various state-mandated assessment test scores.

Scores from California Standards Tests in English Language Arts, California Achievement Tests Sixth Edition and the California High School Exit Exam are rolled into a single API score on a 200 to 1,000 point scale.

The state”s target for all schools is 800 points.