The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has a number of programs that help students find summer jobs, following a conference with Los Angeles city officials Wednesday, May 24th.

“Summer and intercession jobs help students connect their education to their work experience,” said school district superintendent Roy Romer. “At LAUSD we have a long and proud history of helping students prepare for and find their first jobs.”

Through partnerships with the city and counties, the school district’s Career Development/ Work Experience office has been helping students find summer and intercession jobs since the late 1960s, he said.

Tens of thousands of students have been placed in jobs that offer work experience in both the public and private sectors.

This summer, a number of youth employment opportunity programs are available to Los Angeles students, including:

– First Break, a district Web-based job preparation and placement program open to all district students.

Students can log in and search for jobs in specific regions, then work with Work Experience staff on campus for employment preparation and placement.


– Jobs with private employers such as Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

School district staff members help students with recruitment, training and support during the time the student is employed.

In some cases, employers provide transportation at reduced rates to students to get them to and from work.

– Jobs with nonprofit or public sector organizations where students get help with job skills, leadership training, on-the-job support and monitoring and other educational and social services by district staff.

The school district has partnered with agencies such as the Workforce Investment Board for these federal, state, county and city-supported programs.

LAUSD high school students looking for jobs this summer can call the District’s Work Experience Office at (213) 745-1930 to learn about available programs and eligibility requirements.

School-based career advisors and Work Experience teachers and coordinators are also available to help students at their home high schools.

– Learn and Earn, which targets 11th- and 12th-graders from 13 high schools who have not yet completed graduation requirements.

Seniors will take classes at five Division of Adult and Career Education schools in the afternoons and go to part-time jobs in the mornings.

Juniors will attend summer school classes at their high schools in the mornings and work in the afternoons.

Students can earn up to $1,200 this summer through this program.