School officials at Open Magnet Charter School in Westchester say the school celebrated its “rich tapestry of cultures” during its sixth annual Multicultural Celebration Day Tuesday, February 10th.

Parents, grandparents and other family members of Open Magnet students shared their cultural traditions with the children at the event.

“It’s more than just a potluck,” noted school principal Robert Burke. “What makes our day extraordinary is the way families join together to proudly share their heritage with the children.”

Children participated in activities, including square dancing, polka, Korean drumming, creating African masks, listening to Mexican folktales and weaving.

The campus had a festive and colorful display of hanboks (traditional Korean dress), saris, Mexican and Central American dresses, African garb and traditional European clothing, teachers said. Many children and parents came to school dressed in clothing that reflects their own cultural heritage or that of another culture of interest.

Food was served that was prepared by school families representing countries and cultures from all over the world.