Type A is a line of clean self-care products that help the planet

By Haley Beyer

Type A is a line of self-care products that are rooted in safe ingredients.

Everyone struggles with finding the right beauty and hygiene products that work well with our individual bodies. Often what works for someone else might not work for you. This was the same problem that Playa del Rey resident Allison Moss had time and time again.

Moss began her journey with an undergrad degree in communications and marketing. She worked in PR in New York and then eventually made her way into the beauty industry. She worked for multiple companies and started overanalyzing the products that she was working with.

“They all seemed to have the same things in common, mistakes in the formula of the product paired with mediocre results,” Moss said.
Because of this, Moss took matters into her own hands and founded Type A in 2018. The idea of creating her own hygiene line came in 2017, after bouncing business ideas back and forth with her husband.

From that point on, the thought was put into action and is now a Certified B Corporation, meaning the product is good for the people using it, has a meaningful purpose and helps the planet all at the same time. B Corp also guarantees a positive workplace through kindness for the employees and employer, and strong morals to instill trust among customers.

The name Type A came from the overall concept of the product itself. The brand strives to overachieve, pay attention to every detail and provide safe products that actually work. Moss made sure to cross each and every necessity off the list before releasing the deodorant, including perfecting the texture, guaranteeing nourishing ingredients, creating a formula that doesn’t stain clothing, and putting a special focus on how quickly it is able to absorb moisture.

After some trial and error, Type A made the perfect formula for its deodorant. The ingredients are all safe for the human body, as they are synthetically clean (not to be confused with all-natural). The formula also offers a “works when you need it” approach with sweat-activated technology, because it is triggered by moisture and slowly releases its benefits, including the pleasant scents, throughout the entire day.

“We wanted to create a product that was high performance with safe ingredients and was fun to use,” Moss said. “And once we created the perfect formula, we patented it to keep our approach safe.”

Type A offers more than just deodorant. There are wipes, bar soap, hand cream, hand sanitizer and sets, each with an emphasis on hydration for the skin with no toxic ingredients (including no aluminum). All the ingredients for the base formula and for each scent are listed on Type A’s website.
Moss worked hard with her team to figure out what exactly worked together to have the perfect combination for the different scents. A new scent featuring charcoal and spearmint was recently released. After positive reviews on the vanilla almond milk scent in other products, a vanilla almond milk deodorant is coming out at the end of April.

On top of all of that, Type A is also an environmentally-friendly brand. All the ingredients are naturally sustainable and eco-sourced. Type A is doing as much as possible to decrease its carbon footprint by participating in carbon neutral manufacturing. Moss and her team have taken any possible step they could to help the planet while they help people, too.

“If everyone does their part, we can make a difference together,” Moss said.