A man in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Marina del Rey Station may be connected with a series of boat burglaries in the Marina over the last month, Sheriff’s officials said.

Between August 10th and the three weeks prior, a “rash” of boat burglaries was reported in Marina del Rey, Sheriff’s Sgt. A. Escamillas said. The incidents occurred primarily between 5 p.m. and the early morning hours at various parts of the Marina, with six burglaries reported at boats in F Basin, near Admiralty and Bali ways, Escamillas said.

The burglaries involved “medium- to low-end boats” that did not have any occupants on board at the time, he said.

“These were randomly selected boats,” Escamillas said.

Items taken in the break-ins consisted of those “easily carried by hand,” such as money, jewelry and small electronics, he said. The average reported loss ranged between $1,000 and $1,500, he said.

In most cases the boats were broken into with the use of a pry tool, he said.

Sheriff’s officials noted that it was unusual to have a series of boat burglaries in the Marina in such a short period of time.

Earlier this month Los Angeles police arrested a man on unrelated charges whom Sheriff’s officials suspect could be connected with the rash of boat break-ins, Escamillas said. The department has not released the suspect’s identity, but officials do not believe he is a boater in the Marina.

Escamillas did not disclose why detectives suspect the man may be connected to the series, but said only one incident has been reported since his arrest. No charges related to the burglaries have been filed against the suspect.

Sheriff’s deputies encourage anyone who witnesses suspicious activity to contact the department at (310) 482-6000.